About Us

Amanda Johnson Realty takes a new and modern approach to Real Estate.

With modern times, Amanda has recognized the need for a more flexible Real Estate approach and experience. Its a fact that most of us lead very fast paced lives and the need for the physical Real Estate office is quickly fading.

The internet is proven to produce 95 % of enquiries and this is reflective of the fact that we don’t lead “Nine to Five Lives

As many buyers travel long distances to reach our beautiful area, the need to research online is a necessity, as up to date pictures, information about the current market, maps, etc, can all be obtained via email and our fantastic database system.

Also as Amanda Johnson Realty does not operate via “Nine To Five”, we are available most times to answer your enquiries and meet you directly in the area of which you wish to view properties.

Covering Lifestyle, Farms, Residential , Rural,and Business broking for Rural businesses and Farms.

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